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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

October 6th

We had a couple of our first concerts with the Nelson Ayres Big Band. We both thought of it more as a “pops orchestra” because of the repetoire and the fact that we had strings (and vocals at times). Nelson Ayres is a well-known composer, songwriter, and pianist in Brazil- his charts were really nice to play and really demonstrated some differences in the writing here as compared to what we have read/played in the United States (jazz big bands). This weekend, we went to a Churrasco (barbecue type thing) that our friends threw. I met some players from a party in the middle of the week and hung out with them some, realizing the commute to and from Sao Paulo as a big deal here in Campinas- also, later landed a gig hanging with a trumpet player. BIG TEST IN PORTUGUES- which was hard, but we’ve been doing much better with portugues, lately.
Playing with the Nelson Ayres band has been a great experience. I look forward to playing with this group, the music is great and the people are fun; not to mention, the attitude/atmosphere is different. For example, during the last piece, the brass section dances with their horns. I also went to my first Forró show, it was interesting to say the least. I had fun and learned a lot, but I am still wondering what makes Forró, Forró. I’m sure that with a little research and a few more shows I’ll have it figured out though.
I’m also learning about the colorful world of sports rivalries down here. I myself have never been one to “root” for any particular team. I don’t understand why any sports franchise deserves my loyalty and emotion. I do however, enjoy watching American football. Just watching the game. Here however, soccer is akin to a religion (which is also funny because Brazil is a very religious country). As an American, my opinion is oft sought on things like baseball, football rivalries, etc. It usually comes as a shock when I mention that I don’t like baseball (it moves WAY to slowly for me), and that I ally myself with no team. That doesn’t really happen here. Everybody loves soccer, and everybody has a team. But what EVERYBODY does is root against Argentina, no matter what team they’re playing against. Estou aprendendo....

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