practice on the veranda much?

Sunday, June 26, 2011


Alright, well... we don't exactly know what this is going to turn into, but we'll try to keep it fresh. Do it live, ya know Bill O'Reily style?

Since this is probably of our first blogs, we'd like to by thanking you for checking us out and hope you enjoy our adventures. Moe and I are very excited to share that we've spent (so far) a week in Brazil and are doing just fine. =) So far, we've attended a meeting/opening to introduce us to some of the teachers at U.N.B. here in Brasilia. Currently, we are enrolled and taking classes in Portuguese as a cultural immersion for 2 hours a day, 5 days a week.

We've gotten some playing time in (we're musicians- trombone Moe and trumpet Mike)- time to practice and time to jam with faculty, students, and the other two exchange students we're down here with- Zach and John from University of Louisville.

In the past week, we went to a jam session at our friend, Renato Vasconcellos' house- which was awesome! Who knew that the Beatles were such a hit around here (even still)? We did some exploring today and walked down to the lake near our place of residency called La Colinha (Bloco G).

We've gone to grocery store a bunch of times- bananas are REAL CHEAP. We've gotten to eat a bunch of different food at buffets, cheap pizza places, and a really nice pizza place where we had dinner the 1st night. Also, we've experienced Brazilian driving, which we both agree is nothing less than crazy. However, Mike would like to say that he might fit in here if he had a car. =) Anyways, we just wanted to post to see if this would work. Hopefully it does!

Yours from Brazil,

Mike and Moe (Miguel y Mauricio)